Sophia first stepped onto a publiSophia Zalipskyc stage at age 2 ½ when she took part in a live performance for a Winter Showcase at ABCD Daycare in Philadelphia, PA. With each subsequent recital, Sophia was given more extensive roles, which spanned the gambit of song, lyrical, dance, theatrical performance and improvisation. This young phase of Sophia’s life unexpectedly introduced her to the world of entertainment, giving her a steady base by age 5.

As Sophia advanced into elementary school, her unwavering dedication to the arts became apparent. Opportunities in drama-based performances and musical theatre lead to further experience and growth. But Sophia’s determination to pursue a career in the entertainment industry took a different turn when she had an impromptu opportunity to stand on stage in front of nearly 1,500 people at a Rick Springfield Concert in July 2011 (age 5) and again in December 2012 (age 7). As part of Mr. Springfield’s routine, he invites a few children from the audience to sing a verse from his famous song, “Don’t Talk to Strangers.” After that life-changing experience, Sophia immediately took the next step and enrolled in various training classes and workshops that focused on film, theater, improvisation, dance, print and commercials. Kristine Lewis’ Theatre Arts Center (TAC) in Doylestown, PA became her home base for theatrical training and hip-hop, while workshops at Kathy Wickline Casting helped with TV, Film, Print and Improvisation techniques.
In August 2013, Sophia landed her first Commercial for the Big Ten Network, followed by a series of TV Spots for the Fred Beans auto dealership (PA/NJ). In October 2013, Sophia booked her first set of commercials in NY, one for AT&T and the other for FiLIP Technologies.

In the fall of 2013, Sophia booked two short films at Temple University, “Touch” and “Santa Comes to Broad Street.” During the spring of 2014, Sophia booked the lead role for Casey Bader’s short film at NYU entitled, “Elba’s Finest.” In this principal role, Sophia didn’t have any lines. She had to use her eyes and facial expressions to relay her character’s story – the frustration, disappointment and wide range of painful emotions that befall a child of a parent battling addiction. Shortly thereafter, Sophia was referred for another NYU film, “Queen’s Gambit” directed by Taylor Hudson. A few weeks later, Sophia booked one of the lead roles in “Wildfire” directed by Adam Meeks and produced by Casey Bader. Sophia thoroughly enjoyed the new experiences that came with these short films including all of the preparation leading up to the shoots and the actual shoots themselves.

Sophia ZalipskyIn April 2014, Sophia shot a commercial for Crayola Experience and this past August she took part in her fourth theatrical production at the Bristol Riverside Theatre – the TAC production of Disney’s “My Son Pinocchio Jr.” In July 2014, Sophia attended the IMTA Convention in NYC. Sophia won 1st runner-up for her commercial-based performance in the ‘TV Real People’ Competition and was given an honorable mention medal for her performance in the ‘Monologue’ competition.
In September 2014, Sophia auditioned at the Walnut Street Theatre for their theatrical production of Mary Poppins, which runs from November 4th – January 4th 2014, in downtown Philadelphia. She was offered a position in the ensemble and is very excited to be part of this classical theatrical production. She will be part of the weekend cast and will participate in three of the matinee performances.