A ‘Special Thank You’ to Rick Springfield

Sophia’s love for and commitment to the entertainment industry was ignited by several encounters with 80’s heartthrob, Rick Springfield. At the age of 5, Sophia met Rick Springfield at a book-signing event in New Jersey. Springfield asked if Sophia would be coming to the show later that evening and promised that he would look for her. True to his word, Springfield found Sophia in the audience and invited her to participate in an impromptu singing and dancing routine during his highly revered, “Don’t Talk to Strangers” rendition. Sophia recalls looking out into the audience of nearly 1,200 and feeling the thrill, joy and fulfillment of making the audience laugh, cheer and participate in Springfield’s performance. Sophia knew at that very moment, that this was the career path for her.

Sophia-Age-5-sings-with-Rick-Springfield-_Dont-Talk-to-Strangers Sophia-and-Rick-Strike-a-Pose-Age-7

One of Sophia’s most emotional moments came when Springfield had invited her on stage again, but this time as a solo act at the age of 11. Springfield understood how hard Sophia had been working since they first met. Knowing well how much hard work and unwavering dedication it really takes to make it at any level, Springfield commenced on a touching tribute and recognition of Sophia’s achievements in front of his very own audience. Springfield shouted out, “This girl is doing some great awesome stuff…… I think I met you when you were 5, right? ……. She’s [Sophia’s] kickin’ ass in all the arts and doing some amazing stuff. She’s not just a pretty face!” To receive such a kind gesture and genuine recognition from a professional, award-winning artist like Rick Springfield reinforced Sophia’s commitment to the arts and to entertainment.

More importantly, Springfield’s gesture impressed upon Sophia the importance of recognizing both, those who inspired and helped you to succeed (in Sophia’s case it was Rick Springfield and the support of her family) and to recognize those who may be looking up to you for inspiration and a lending hand. As Sophia always says and tries to practice: ‘Recognize, Appreciate, Be Mindful and Just Be kind!’